Open House: September 29, 2018. 12 – 4pm

Artist Talk: Robert, Anna & Rachel discuss process and painting. 2pm

A collaboration of works by renowned artist Robert Moore and his two daughters, Anna & Rachel. This collection of paintings celebrates the presence of tradition in the Moore family. Robert as a father, artist and educator passes down the tradition of skillful painting, and a focused dedication, and a self expression through one’s art.  He is one of the leading impressionistic oil painters in America today.  His use of vivid colors and often high-keyed values reveal a spiritually inspired joy.

Robert’s example taught Anna to stop, visually ingest, and derive excitement from beauty in the world. She grew to become equally excited by any painting that could translate that beauty simply and boldly.  Anna works primarily with oil in a painterly and impressionistic style. Inspired by nature, she loves to paint trees. “I can put exciting shapes and colors between all the branches and leaves. I feel a lot of freedom there. It’s fun.”  She was honored to be selected by USU’s Caine College of the Arts as a Caine Scholar, the college’s most distinguished scholarship.

Rachel Moore is best known for her unique style which focuses on dynamic shapes containing beautiful color. Her themes are playfully fun ranging from cowboy boots, to mountains, to figures and flowers, but the subject matter is merely a springboard for her interpretation of shapes and color schemes.

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