Robert Moore

Robert is one of the leading impressionistic oil painters in America today, maintaining a major presence in several of the top art galleries in the country located in Sun Valley, Fredericksburg, Scottsdale, Prineville, Colorado Springs, Jackson Hole and Missoula.  He, along with his 6 talented children, will be participating in this show which will open November 21st.

Anna Moore

Anna Moore grew up in Idaho, where an artistic lifestyle surrounded her from the start. She is incredibly grateful to her father, Robert Moore, who taught her to enjoy beauty and love impressionistic art. She looks up to him and his former apprentices.  Anna is inspired whenever she sees a painting that makes her soul swell. She enjoys working with oil in a painterly impressionistic style. Anna prefers nature, specifically trees, for their organic rhythms, shapes, and colors.

Anna earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Utah State University, emphasizing in graphic design. Her studies included a trip abroad in Germany where she painted and viewed museums. She was honored to be selected by USU’s Caine College of the Arts as a Caine Scholar, the college’s most distinguished scholarship.  Anna hopes to continue painting and expand her education by studying nutrition.

Robbie Moore

He is a senior in the University of Arkansas Walton College of Business where I am finishing a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Business Management.  I am currently balancing multiple part-time jobs. I am working as an intern within SupplyPike (a business supplier software company). I have a substitute position within a local after school program. I work with my father to develop and maintain new instructional content while developing his social media presence.  Lastly, I founded a small scale headlight restoration business which pays for my gas and groceries!

As I exited high school for college in 2017, I was ready for anything. I wanted to get my feet wet in everything I hadn’t experienced up to that point. Freshman year, as I went to SEC football games and engaged in every extracurricular I could, I realized people around me did not see what I saw. They didn’t take the time to spot the beauty around them. I realized by my sophomore year that I had been raised to spot the beauty around me and take the time to soak it in. As a senior, I don’t care if everyone is walking in one direction, I will stop and turn in the opposite direction in order to catch the last light on the distant hills – without hesitation. This was how I was raised and this is how I will stay. Whether he knew it or not, my father developed a sense of wonder in me which will keep drawing me back to the world of wonder loving people in which I was raised.

As I finish out my time as a business student, I have spent the majority of my time building a foundation in drawing. I have studied books from Bridgeman and Loomis on figures and anatomy, followed by Carlson on landscape painting. My time as my father’s apprentice has, of course, been more valuable than any self teaching I could manage. Beyond drawing, I have been able to handle Gouache and watercolor in my limited, college-living spaces. I have limited experience in oils, but am excited to work into them as soon as I am able without losing my safety deposit! (I doubt my father has any space that doesn’t have at least a little oil paint here and there.)

My future aspirations lie in a desire to make the most out of my upbringing. My next steps are unclear, but I plan on continuing my art education through every outlet available, while developing business skills which will enable future art endeavors. Big things are coming as I continue down this road alongside my father, siblings, and a lineage of artists whom my father has had the beautiful legacy of developing.

*To bid on these via silent auction, call the gallery @ (406) 721-3154.

Rachel Moore

Currently exploring a job opportunity at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery in San Francisco I live immersed in inspiring art daily.  I personally pursue opportunities in black ink sketches, ceramics, oil painting, and portrait photography making it difficult to say which medium is my favorite. I plan to continue to strengthen technique & knowledge in all of these forms. I love a variation of mediums because I find that each changes atmosphere and brings visual joy in powerful ways.

I studied Fine Art at Utah State University & grew up under the excellent example and teachings of my father, Robert Moore.  My future aspiration is to one day own a large restored warehouse as a community studio & space of gathering for artists & non artists.  The space’s purpose will allow people to create, purchase, and bask in admiration sparking creative vision, collaboration, & community.

Caleb Moore

Currently living in Lewiston, Idaho, he is a sophomore at Lewis-Clark State College and on the track team there, training to compete in the decathlon.

Caleb’s preference is sculpture because he loves how tangible it is. “I enjoy being able to feel my pieces in my hands and work with three dimensional shapes and figure out how I can simplify and capture the essence of my reference.”  He has been inspired by his father, Robert Moore, in my artistic endeavors. “While I was growing up, he took every opportunity to teach us children the basic design principles, and I got a great foundation for appreciation of art.” The last two summers he has worked with his father.  “I have learned so much by just watching him paint, and I get more impressed by his work the more I am around it. Also, my siblings and I have a group chat where we send our art to each other and show what we are working on. Seeing them producing work and improving their artistic talent has really pushed me this year to dive deeper into art.”

Caleb plans to continue his art and work in a few different mediums. Although not sure if he will become a professional artist, he is looking into that option for the future. “I will definitely keep producing pieces of art even if it is as a hobby because art is something that I enjoy a lot.”

*To bid on these via silent auction, call the gallery @ (406) 721-3154.