Janet Sullivan first realized her passion for art when she was shown around the home of renowned artist Gerard Curtis Delano on a family vacation to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Since this moment Sullivan worked diligently to secure her career as an artist. She graduated from The University of Colorado, Boulder upon receiving her Bachelors of Fine Art degree and relocated herself to Montana in 1984. She continues to study the art of artists she admires, including Delano. Working plein air is Sullivan’s passion. She challenges herself to communicate the color, form, atmosphere and lighting of a specific place. Her pastels elicit awe, wonder, and respect for nature’s beauty. Landscapes depicting ethereal skies, crystalline rivers and haunting fires are her forte, and she takes pleasure in still lives as well. Sullivan has received numerous awards nationally, and she is a founding member of the Montana Painters Alliance and a member of the Pastel Society of the Northern Rockies.  Click here to read her full biography.

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