In 2004, Berardinis received a degree in Fine Art from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Upon graduating, she was eager to continue her artistic explorations. This journey led her westward to a place she could paint freely without interruptions. In Montana, she finds again paths to the ever present tones and textures of the natural palette. Berardinis memorize what she sees and makes drawings as she explores the vast wilderness. Berardinis finds spontaneity and freedom in the power of nature. She experiences painting the same way she does the landscape. It holds the same quietness, the same search. Through the layering of paint and materials, she begins to find continuity with what she’s discovered in nature. She scrapes and burns into the surface. The materials used (moss, charcoal, pine needles, and other organic materials) signify the surroundings from where they have been taken, allowing a connection more directly with nature.

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