“As an artist I strive to capture the energy that I feel when I paint. I want to   infuse my life and movement into the canvas.”  

         -Caleb Meyer

Caleb Meyer was born in 1982 in the small mountain town of Hailey, Idaho. As a child, Caleb enjoyed all types of art, but it was not until a painting class in college that he discovered a passion for oil painting. After graduation from Boise State University in 2006, Meyer began an apprenticeship with nationally recognized oil painter, Robert Moore. Meyer compares his time with Moore’s studio to the laying of a strong foundation.

“The painting process is like building a house, a painter must understand the principles or design to create a foundation for a strong painting” -Robert Moore

After a two-year apprenticeship, Caleb accepted an art teaching job in Twin Falls, Idaho. Determined to continue his dream of being a painter, Meyer set up in his garage and painted on weekends and breaks from school. Slowly, Meyer’s own style began to emerge as he established himself as a professional artist. 

In 2011, after three years of teaching high school drawing and paintings, Meyer left the classroom to pursue painting full time. Meyer has received recognition in a number of publications including “21 Under 31” featured in Southwest Art Magazine featuring 21 artists under the age of 31. Caleb lives with his wife and three children in Missoula, MT.