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Oil Painters of America National Exhibition 2008

The Oil Painters of America's membership is divided into three categories:

Over 200 paintings are included in this year's National Exhibition. The featured paintings were selected by a five person jurying committee comprised of Master Signature and Signature members of OPA. The committee reviewed over one thousand entries submitted by OPA members from the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

On the opening night of the Exhibition, 31 awards were presented by Ramon Kelley, OPA Master Signature Artist and Juror of Awards.

Master Signature Artists
Peter Adams "Lost Horizon, Mount Shasta"
Thomas Buechner "George"
William T. Chambers "The Practice"
Nancy Crookston "Call Waiting"
Daniel E. Greene "Candyland"
Albert Handell "Interior Falls"
David Hettinger "Posing for the Sketchgroup"
Doug Higgins "Bull Elk"
Wm Scott Jennings "Patterns of Light"
Ramon Kelley "Fiesta Dancer"
Steven Lang "Nomadic Woman of Kham"
Jeff Legg "Cycle of Life"
Calvin Liang "Sailboats on Morro Bay"
Huihan Liu "Childhood"
Kevin Macpherson "Jewel of the Rockies Lake Louise"
Paul Mullally "Bella Venzia"
C.W. Mundy "Anne and Jake Sittin' On The Bench, Conner Prairie"
Neil Patterson "Evening Walk"
Joyce Pike "Red and Pink Roses"
Joan Potter "Pink and White"
William Reese "Glouchester Rail Ways"
Zhiwei Tu "Me"
Jeffrey Watts "Portrait of a Mexican Girl"
Signature Artists
Kurt L. Anderson "Roses and Berries"
Tom Bluemlein "Gentle Flight"
Ken Cadwallader "Young Woman in Blue"
Jean Chambers "Treasures"
Warren Chang "Artist in her Studio"
Howard Friedland "Morning in Giverny"
Konrad F. Hack "The Path Home"
Marc R. Hanson "Prairie Fires"
Ann T. Hardy "Fishbowl"
David E. Kucera "The Makeover"
Ruo Li "Sun Wave Mist"
Po Pin Lin "City Lights (SF, CA)"
Kathryn K. Miller "Moroccan Ceramics"
Richard A. Nichols "Early Light El Prado N.M."
Rachel Pettit "Open Water"
Olga Plam "Lady Apples"
Scott Tallman Powers "Fragility"
Camille Przewodek "Sweet Springs Nature Preserve"
Diane Rath "Peonies in Winter"
Robert R. Rohm "Morning Calm"
William A. Schneider "Evening Chore"
Michael Situ "Bay View"
Craig Srebnik "Cabby in Profile"
Sherry Blanchard Stuart "Springs Promise"
Milly Tsai "Plein Air"
David J. Tutwiler "The Sea Became Calm"
David A. Vollbracht "Descending Dawn"
Jan Peng Wang "Hero"
Associate Artists
Harry Ahn "Song of Reverence"
Diane Ainsworth "Rise and Shine"
Daud M. Akhriev "At the Kempton's Barn"
Edward Aldrich "Tranquility"
Ebrahim Amin "Quantum"
Kathy Anderson "Jenny Falls, Grand Teton NP"
Patti H. Andre "Doumen China"
Charles Apt "Waterloo Station"
Joe Anna Arnett "Peonies and Peace"
Steve G. Atkinson "No Regrets"
Ben Bauer "Winter Menomonie Field"
Phil Bean "Hunter's Moon"
Dan Beck "Summer Shadow"
Craig I. Birch "Giftwater"
Jacquelyn M. Bischak "The Letter"
Ned Bittinger "Alyssa"
Susan Blackwood "His Tender Care"
Richard Borso "Reflection"
Eric Bowman "Liberty Theatre"
Richard Boyer "Arrival in Stockholm"
Mark Boyle "A Quiet Evening"
Scott Boyle "Almost Frozen"
Raymond J. Burton "Lee Creek"
Mike Callahan "Wild Mustangs"
Amanda L. Carder "Rendezvous"
Paul Casale "Twilight, Campo dei Fiori, Rome"
Wanda Choate "Plenty"
Sam Collett "The Horse Ride"
Jim Connelly "Autumn"
Mary Jane Q. Cross "Sing Over Me"
Tim Deibler "Last Light in the Sangre's"
Sarajane J. Doberstein "Forelle Pears in Repose"
Vadim Dolgov "Winter Lunch"
Fred Doloresco "Four of a Kind"
Jason T. Dowd "The Submariner"
Wesley J. Drake "N'awlins Rain"
Michael Dudash "Springtime Pasture"
Flavia S. Eckholm "Rain On The Snake"
Barbara Summers Edwards "John Deere Power"
Lisa Egeli "Primordial Dusk"
Esther Engelman "Branch on the Charles"
Diane N. Eugster "Gettin' it Together"
Mark J. Farina "Monterey Coast"
Ming Feng "Quiet Cabin"
Allen Figone "Dogwoods, Jackson Hole"
Lillian V. Forziat "Orchids & Orientals"
Mark W. Gibson "Waterfront Property"
Meadow R. Gist "Dutchess of Rikenburg"
David Gray "A Good Memory"
Don Grieger "Stream Bank"
David Griffin "Brother's Keeper"
Jeanette Le Grue "River's End"
Robert G. Hagberg "Descending Light"
Mary C. Hagy "The Old Bridge"
Johanna Harmon "Plumage"
Glenn F. Harrington "Boudoir"
James Hempel "Bonhomme"
Dali Higa "Russian Village"
Sterling Hoffmann "New Year's Tractors"
Chauncey R. Homer "An Apple and a Tin Cup"
Timothy Horn "Suburban Holiday"
Zee Huang "In the Depth Forest"
Wes Hyde "Clover Leaf, Spurs and Choke Cherries"
Joseph V. Iantorno "Faience, Oranges and Crab Apples"
Ignat Ignatov "On the Way to the Market"
Sally Jordan "Afternoon Eucalyptus"
Marybeth Karaus "Fresh Eggs"
Thomas M. Kegler "Morning Bouquet"
Martha R. Kellar "Apple Bough"
Clement Kwan "Playing the Piccolo"
Laura Larabee "Watch Post"
Lyn Lasneski "Tidal Raves"
Richard C. Laurent "Lizard Point"
Margie K. Leach "Love Is In The Air"
Paulette Lee "Out of the Shadow"
Johnnie M. Liliedahl "Lone Star Freedom Fighter"
Carolyn J. Lindsey "Fry Cook"
Bryce C. Liston "Her First Date"
Leah Lopez "Persimmons and Covered Dish"
Paul Lowe "Canal Reflections"
Tong Luo "Snow Season"
Diane Lyon "Break Time"
Michael W. Mao "Morning Shade"
Jerry R. Markham "In The Coop"
Joan Matzdorf "Garden in Bloom"
Frank C. May "Tin Plate with Fruit"
Jennifer A. McChristian "Old Hospital Bunker"
Mike McIntosh "Roses"
James F. McIntyre "Cantaloupe, Garlic and Pomelo"
Jeffrey B. Merrill "Yellow Pitcher with Limes"
Galina Milton "Nomads in Tibet"
John E. Modesitt "Winter Thaw"
Victor Mordasov "Indian Summer"
Jim Mossman "Markers Of The Past"
Osama El Naggar "EL ashat Supper"
Wes A. Newton "Blossoms & Rocks"
Terry T. Norris "Turnips with Garlic"
Michael Notko "Nature's Pillars"
Jean Olliver "Pottery on Silk"
Aline E. Ordman "Warsaw Market"
Andrew S. Orr "Woodstock Hollyhocks"
Doug Osa "Night Snow"
Richard S. Oversmith "Patiently Waiting"
Kristine Pallas "Oranges on Blue Plate"
Darcie G. Peet "Quiet Dawn Mist"
Richard W. Plasschaert "'Round the Bend"
Elizabeth S. Pollie "A Walk In The Park"
Kami L. Polzin "Light Around The Bend"
Brian Potter "Carlos"
Richard M. Prather "Coyote Canyon"
Elizabeth A. Pruitt "Graham Thomas Roses with Samovar"
Chengxiang Qi "Candle Light"
Mike Rada "Spring Trail"
Rick Reinert "Southern Radiance"
Ron Rencher "Pacific Light"
Gerrye H. Riffenburgh "Morning Tides"
Barbara Rogers "Abundance"
Steve Roselles "Silence is Golden"
John E. Roush "Island Afternoon"
Cathy J. Rowten "Waiting Their Turn"
Scott Royston "Colors of Freedom"
Richard Russell "Vibrance"
Sergio Sanchez "Summer Days"
Ron Sanders "Triple Self Portrait"
Dave A. Santillanes "Long Lake Isolation"
Greg Scheibel "Montana Wilderness"
Dan Schultz "Bathed in Sunlight"
David A. Simons "View from a French Village"
Brian Slawson "Orpheum Rainy Day"
Johanna J. Spinks "Heather's Braids"
Robert Spooner "The Bartenders"
Bonnie M. Stabler "One Last Oyster"
David N. Stanley "Dusk"
Debbie L. Stevens "Searching the Bottom"
Paul D. Strahm III "Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, California"
John W. Taft "Above Miller Lake"
Bryan Mark Taylor "La Jolla Coast"
James E. Tennison "Pont Neuf"
Gregg B. Thorkelson "Rearranging"
Raymond E. Thornton "Girl Sitting On Bed"
Markissia K. Touliatos "Karina"
Kathryn Townsend "Peruvian Man"
Michele Usibelli "W 52nd Street"
Linda Walker "Elephant Walk"
Mary J. Wallis "October on Winter Creek"
Charles Young Walls "Of Wood and Roses"
You-Sui Wang "Wild Poppy"
Eldon Warren "Fields of Blue"
Qiuzhen Wei "Companions"
Tai Wei "Hey, Cowboy 1"
Kathie Wheeler "Bonnie's Barn"
Jim P. Wodark "Sunset on Morning Light"
Mary D. Wood "Mixed Onions"
William Y. Wray "Train"
Jian Wu "Postscript"
Laura Wynne "Morning In the Arroyo Seco"
Shi Zhong Yan "Granddaughter"
Donald A. Yatomi "White Mazda in Garage"
Shawn A. Zents "The Yellow Rose"
Al W. Zerries "Lessons"
Christopher Zhang "Tibetan Chief"
Jie Zhou "Prague Morning"
Xiaolong Zhou "Grand Canyon"
Craig Zuger "Still Life Interrupted"
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