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Tom Hanson
April 26, 2011

For over 30 years Tom Hanson has been creating original art works for corporations, residences, galleries and collections.
Primarily a self- taught artist, Tom is a native Montanan, raised in a family of artists that encouraged him to pursue life as an artist. Through this encouragement, hard work and tenacity, he has been able to achieve his dream of living the life of a successful artist.

Tom's artistic journey started early in life in the shadow of the studio of the western artist icon CM Russell, in his home town of Great Falls, MT. The culture there promoted the realization that developing a career as an artist is a realistic possibility, but it's a hard and challenging endeavor. Up for the task, Tom's passion for art and desire to pursue his dream was ample motivation to go to great lengths to accomplish this goal. With the guidance and inspiration of a number of mentors throughout his career, he has found the path to a successful career. Tom's sojourn has taken him to locations ranging from his home in Montana to the Pacific Northwest, California, Southwest, Colorado and Hawaii, with each of these environmental experiences becoming a visual part that can be seen throughout his works.

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