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Clay Pape

Adrift in the Smoke
"Adrift in the Smoke"
22" x 30"
Approaching or Receding
"Approaching or Receding"
15" x 22"
Beginning in the Mountains
"Beginning in the Mountains"
15" x 22"
Depth of a Dream
"Depth of a Dream"
22" x 30"
In the Ocean of the Night
"In the Ocean of the Night"
44" x 72"
24" x 36"
Lost in the Rain
"Lost in the Rain"
20" x 26"
Mountain and Sky
"Mountain and Sky"
15" x 22"
Night and the Vulnerable Sole
"Night and the Vulnerable Sole"
22" x 30"
November Snow
"November Snow"
22" x 30"
shifting skies
"shifting skies"
30" x 48"
Stains Across a Southern Sky
"Stains Across a Southern Sky"
30" x 48"
The Stains of Winter
"The Stains of Winter"
24" x 36"
To Make a Sunset
"To Make a Sunset"
22" x 30"
Tumble and Toss, Like the Ocean
"Tumble and Toss, Like the Ocean"
30" x 48"
22" x 30"
22" x 30"
We Begin to See Winter
"We Begin to See Winter"
Where the Sky Became Fractured
"Where the Sky Became Fractured"
24" x 36"
Wind Changing the Weather
"Wind Changing the Weather"
24" x 36"
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