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Andy Cline

Alone at 262
"Alone at 262"
10" x 17"
Cruise Control
"Cruise Control"
16" x 24"
Dead End on Coffin Road
"Dead End on Coffin Road"
15" x 20"
Forest on Wheels
"Forest on Wheels"
21.5" x 48"
not available
Modern Pioneers
"Modern Pioneers"
12" x 24"
Oh Deer
"Oh Deer"
13" x 10"
A Pack of Resting Semis
"A Pack of Resting Semis"
19" x 42"
A Popular Watering Hole
"A Popular Watering Hole"
13" x 26"
Prime Habitat
"Prime Habitat"
20" x 36"
Those Aren't Hay Bails
"Those Aren't Hay Bails"
15" x 24"

Andy Cline was born and raised in Red Lodge, Montana and received a BFA from the University of Montana in 2003. He frequently drives the 400-mile stretch of road between the two cities and from this journey he gleans inspiration. Not only the interstate that connects his present setting in Missoula with his childhood in Red Lodge, US I-90 allows him to meditate on human behavior, habits and attitudes. “It is on these journeys that my mind becomes present, absorbent and contemplative; there is nothing else happening except me moving through a space I have occupied for my lifetime.” His pieces reflect his examination of “interstate culture:” How people and their goods travel across the country to varying destinations by the same means, as well as the objects, towns and people they pass by on their route.

His work has recently been exhibited at the Missoula Art Museum; the Custer County Art Center in Miles City, Montana; the Holter Art Museum in Helena, Montana; and most recently he was featured in the Celebrating Missoula Artist exhibit at the Dana Gallery in Missoula, Montana.

Cline prioritizes painting as a necessary addition to his life, sometimes waking early to fit it in, or working for days at a time to finish a piece. He is also a dedicated father of two, and an electrician’s apprentice. Cline lives and works in Missoula.

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