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Icons of the West 2014

Local Calls 25 Cents
Lewis Ableidinger
"Local Calls 25 Cents"
17" x 6"
Valerie Amon
16" x 20"
Eye to Eye
JaNeil Anderson
"Eye to Eye"
16" x 20"
Ghost Town USA
Riley Arthur
"Ghost Town USA"
11" x 17"
Lone Power Tower
Riley Arthur
"Lone Power Tower"
11" x 17"
The Old Mining Depot
Riley Arthur
"The Old Mining Depot"
11" x 17"
The Alphas
Virginie Baude
"The Alphas"
20" x 30"
Fireside Story
Susan Blackwood
"Fireside Story"
20" x 16"
Sink or Swim
Susan Blackwood
"Sink or Swim"
8" x 16"
Winter Ranch
Laura Blaker
"Winter Ranch"
30" x 20"
Lottie Ables Pickett
Courtney Blazon
"Lottie Ables Pickett"
16" x 20"
Hay Day
Meagan Blessing
"Hay Day"
24" x 30"
Camping at Gumbo Flats
Michael Blessing
"Camping at Gumbo Flats"
30" x 40"
Bannack, series 4, Remembrance
Trula Blize
"Bannack, series 4, Remembrance"
18" x 23"
Joe Boddy
The Last Bail
Joe Boddy
"The Last Bail"
5 Wire Fence
Mary Ann Bonjorni
"5 Wire Fence"
20" x 24"
Splendor in the Valley Vidale
Karen Bonnie
"Splendor in the Valley Vidale"
17" x 24"
Manifest Destiny
Jack Dempsey Boyd
"Manifest Destiny"
Rollin' a Quirley
Jack Dempsey Boyd
"Rollin' a Quirley"
40" x 40"
The Transcendnet
Ryan Brown
"The Transcendnet"
15" x 40"
Balcony House
Rick Bulman
"Balcony House"
Golden Hour
Raymond Burton
"Golden Hour"
20" x 30"
Bear Creek Bruin
Tobin Capp
"Bear Creek Bruin"
October's Matinee
Tobin Capp
"October's Matinee"
Bonnie and Clyde
Tiffany Carpenter
"Bonnie and Clyde"
Hereford Heifer
Sonja Caywood
"Hereford Heifer"
24" x 24"
Mary Came to Pick Camas
Julie Chaffee
"Mary Came to Pick Camas"
20" x 24"
Mary Ann Cherry
16" x 20"
Peggy Christian
I've Got My Eye On You
Patricia Clayton
"I've Got My Eye On You"
24" x 24"
Motel 6
Melvin Cooper
"Motel 6"
The Sweet Spot
Rox Corbett
"The Sweet Spot"
Matthew Dan
Red Tail Hawk Disguised as Sage Hen" 4.5x6
Dean Detrick
"Red Tail Hawk Disguised as Sage Hen" 4.5x6"
Robert Deurloo
Emily was Convinced...
Connie Dillon
"Emily was Convinced..."
18" x 24"
Midday at the Oasis
Connie Dillon
"Midday at the Oasis"
13" x 19"
Powerlines Studies
Monte Dolack
"Powerlines Studies"
Monte Dolack
Flori Engbrecht
18" x 30"
Autumn Cabin
Howard Friedland
"Autumn Cabin"
8" x 10"
Saddling Up
Howard Friedland
"Saddling Up"
12" x 16"
Drift Study 2
Stephanie Frosad
"Drift Study 2"
Drift Study 1
Stephanie Frostad
"Drift Study 1"
Into the Squall
Stephanie Frostad
"Into the Squall"
Mena Ganey
Miles Glynn
24" x 36"
Miles Glynn
24" x 36"
Deer Sleeping
Allison Goodnight
"Deer Sleeping"
Miriam Griffin
Emily Hall
The Unraveling
Emily Hall
"The Unraveling"
Terry Hall
14" x 14"
Whitney Hall
12" x 36"
Whitney Hall
16" x 24"
Drunkin Bird
Pamela Hodges-Falk
"Drunkin Bird"
The Early History of Rock and Roll
DG House
"The Early History of Rock and Roll"
Julia Dean
Felice House
"Julia Dean"
24" x 20"
Betsey Hurd
Betsey Hurd
You Win
Betsey Hurd
"You Win"
Raven Inquiries
Colt Idol
"Raven Inquiries"
Too Many Children
Barbara Ivey
"Too Many Children"
The Golden Hour
Tabby Ivy
"The Golden Hour"
4.8" x 4"
Languid Refuge
Elloie Jeter
"Languid Refuge"
25" x 32"
Fall Aspens
Gary Johnson
"Fall Aspens"
40" x 40"
Medicine Crow Apsaroke
Robert Jones
"Medicine Crow Apsaroke"
Buffalo Story
Tim Joyner
"Buffalo Story"
Evening Pines
David Keast
"Evening Pines"
Hall Elevator
Peter Keefer
"Hall Elevator"
16" x 12"
Speed Bump
Robert Korn
"Speed Bump"
Willie Nelson
Richard Lande
"Willie Nelson"
The Guardian
Patsy Lane
"The Guardian"
Jacob's Daughters
Steve LaRance
"Jacob's Daughters"
9" x 12"
Grandpa's Camera
Barbara Hillerman Lieske
"Grandpa's Camera"
22" x 19"
A Good Day On the River
Steve Lillegard
"A Good Day On the River"
Battle for Supremacy
Steve Lillegard
"Battle for Supremacy"
Evening at the Bunkhouse
Steve Lillegard
"Evening at the Bunkhouse"
Nate Loda
Cattle Man
Nate Loda
"Cattle Man"
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
Nate Loda
"My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys"
Elizabeth Longo
Bike Rack
Mimi Matsuda
"Bike Rack"
18.5" x 24.5"
Montana Hi-Line
Janet McGahan
"Montana Hi-Line"
16" x 20"
Night Watch - Ravens
Lori McNee
"Night Watch - Ravens"
48" x 24"
And Yet
David Mensing
"And Yet"
18" x 24"
Harness the Wind
David Mensing
"Harness the Wind"
9" x 12"
Long Remembered
Caleb Meyer
"Long Remembered"
40" x 30"
Anna Moore
20" x 16"
Christine Morris
5" x 8"
Corral Dust
Jack Muir
"Corral Dust"
March in Montana
Wanda Mumm
"March in Montana"
6" x 8"
R.Wade Nelson
28" x 22"
Buffalo Morning
Nelson, Brooke
"Buffalo Morning"
30" x 40"
Duncan Oja
11" x 14"
Milliseconds Count # 2
"Milliseconds Count # 2"
Milliseconds Count
"Milliseconds Count"
Adair Peck
4" x 6"
Mountain Goat
Adair Peck
"Mountain Goat"
4" x 6"
Adair Peck
4" x 6"
Crossing Them Over
Bruce Pierce
"Crossing Them Over"
36" x 48"
Patricia Redding
12" x 16"
Patricia Redding
17" x 21"
Eddy's, the Bread That Made the West
Wilbur Rehman
"Eddy's, the Bread That Made the West"
Studio Stag
Roy Reynolds
"Studio Stag"
28" x 22"
Hereford Highway
Jenny Robinson
"Hereford Highway"
Barnyard Bully
Patricia RobinsonGrant
"Barnyard Bully"
Crazy Arrow
Thom Ross
"Crazy Arrow"
48" x 24"
A Short Walk into History
Thom Ross
"A Short Walk into History"
48" x 72"
The Maverick
Thomas Schenarts
"The Maverick"
Slag Heap 2
Edgar Smith
"Slag Heap 2"
Uncontained Pile
Edgar Smith
"Uncontained Pile"
Gathering Place
Carol Spielman
"Gathering Place"
24" x 30"
Big Red
J.M. & Tod Steele
"Big Red"
24" x 18"
A Good Trade
Laurie Stevens
"A Good Trade"
18" x 12"
Hilltop Laundry
Linda Taft
"Hilltop Laundry"
Rick Terry
28" x 12"
OK Corral
Rick Terry
"OK Corral"
40" x 30"
Kinetic Landscape
Meagan Thompson
"Kinetic Landscape"
40" x 23.5"
Null and Void Landscape
Meagan Thompson
"Null and Void Landscape"
40" x 23.5"
Haitian Motosiklet
Silas Thompson
"Haitian Motosiklet"
Winter Barn
Silas Thompson
"Winter Barn"
22" x 22"
Echo Ukrainetz
30" x 24"
Beauty on the Beast
Ron Ukrainetz
"Beauty on the Beast"
16" x 16"
John Ulberg
12.5" x 7"
Rattle-Dazzle 1
Andree VanNuys
"Rattle-Dazzle 1"
16" x 2"
Rattle-Dazzle 2
Andree VanNuys
"Rattle-Dazzle 2"
17" x 11"
The Trophy
Jessica Walsh
"The Trophy"
Abstract Expressionism with Footnotes
Don Weller
"Abstract Expressionism with Footnotes"
Legends and Myths
Don Weller
"Legends and Myths"
Tree In Eden
Lewis Williams
"Tree In Eden"
Iconic Fisherman on Iconic Creek
David Wilson
"Iconic Fisherman on Iconic Creek"
20" x 20"
Big Love
Donna Wilson
"Big Love"
Alone on a Familiar Trail
Yi Yan
"Alone on a Familiar Trail"
18" x 24"
Crossing The Shallows
Kim Zarney
"Crossing The Shallows"
14" x 39"
Winter Meadow
Kim Zarney
"Winter Meadow"
14" x 39"
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